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Our dogs

Nanette Zlínská vločka

Nanette Zlínská vločka is our first bolognese dog, she was coming from bolognese kennel Zlinska vločka (breeder Svatka Týmová). I knew how amazing is breed of bolognese with Nanette and I found what  I was missing in my life :).

Born: 5.6.2013

Mother: Izzie Zlínská vločka

Father:  Tinko Denajwen

Length/Height:  28 cm / 28 cm

Bite:  scissor



















Charlotte, Here I Come 

Charlotte (for us Lotte) came  to us in September 2014 from Norway (Kennel Taseffantene), the breeder Yvonne R.Olsby. Charlotte was the best birthday present I have ever got. Thanks to my husband !

Born: 30.6.2014

Mother: Little White Wonder Isadora Julia

Father: Luminosa Gennaro







Sweet Raisin Canis Bohemia

Rozinka is the third bolognese bitch of our kennel, she lives in my mother´s house in the city of Mělník. We often spend time together and they are big friends together.

Born:   4.8.2014

Mother: Gyöngyösi-Pelyhes Füvellö

Father: Gyöngyösi-Pelyhes Aramisz