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Bolognese dog is from Italy.

It is included in the group 9 FCI - Companion and Toy dogs

Appearance: small size, stocky and compact, covered with a pure white coat, long and fluffy. Body of bolognese dog is quadratic - length equal to the height.

Nature: cheerful, kind and playful dog who loves its family above all else.

Bolognese dogs are teachable, obedient and well suited for beginners.

Coat: Long coat all over the body, from head to tail, from the top line to the feet. 

Coat is fluffy, shaggy and it forming flakes no sources.

Colour of coat is pure white, without any patches nor any shades of white.

Height at withers:  males 27 - 30 cm, bitches 25 - 28 cm

Weight: 2.5 - 4.5 kg